Our Story

Small things can make a big difference.

The success of our business has been testimony to our belief that small things really do make big differences.

Every label holds a unique brand story, and for 30 years we have been helping brands tell those stories, continuing this proud legacy by perfecting every detail.

Now a global company with an increasingly diverse range of products and services, we enable our customers to protect their brand equity and improve their logistic and supply chain management, all through a seemingly simple label.

Throughout our growth, however, we have always put our customers first. Our global network of capability and talent is more powerful than ever, yet our core values have not changed a bit from when we were only 10 people working in a small warehouse office in 1985. We still have the same solutions-driven passion to be the best in what we do, and together, we strive for perfection every step of the way.

This is our story.

SML Timeline



2013 SML Tower in East Kowloon, Hong Kong acquired as SML Global Headquarters...

Awarded “Caring Company Logo” for philanthropic work in education, youth and environment.Portfolio expanded to provide more comprehensive RFID software applications and solutions. Acquired Xterprise (USA) and Downtown Button LLC (USA, Hong Kong).

2012 Present: A Truly Global Business and Technology Solutions Provider...

Continuing development and transition into technology focused retail and logistics solutions, speeding up development of RFID segments through R&D and strategic acquisitions. Acquired CGP Labels (US), Sitograf S.L. (Spain) and Set Valles (Spain).

2007 Rapidly built data management and service bureau capabilities...

while expanding product portfolio to include specialty microinjections. Acquired PrisymID International (Sri Lanka, Morocco, UK), Dualplast Spa (Italy), Veteran Leather Corp. (US), Fastabs Ltd. (UK, China) and Acotex Far East Ltd (HK). Began offering RFID via strategic partnerships.

2006 Expanded into packaging business, enhancing portfolio and global market presence...

Acquired Retail Packaging Design Inc. (US), Schroeder Etiketten (Germany), and Bell Manufacturing Company (US).

2005 Acquired STR Gresham (Corby, UK) and set up Spain office...

Recognized as one of Europe’s largest suppliers of woven labels and trims, strategically expanding product offering for data management and variable ticket, label and packaging for the European fashion industry.

2004 Rapid Growth and Industry Leadership...

Acquired Kalpak (USA and Hong Kong), expanding SML Group's presence to the United States, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean region. Set up offices in Vietnam and the Philippines, expanding Southeast Asia sales network.

1998 Opened office in India,...

paving the way for future expansion into Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka and Pakistan.

1997 Sales office set up in San Francisco,...

USA and woven label production site established in Keighley, UK with a second production facility opened in Shanghai, China to meet rapidly increasing demand.

SML Group officially established as the parent company of all of the Group's international companies. The beginnings of a truly global brand.

1994 Dong Ying, along with Dong Hing,...

established as the most energetic, progressive, and best in class woven label supplier in both Mainland China and Hong Kong.

The Group’s first international expansion with the opening of Singapore office, paving the way for increased presence in Southeast Asia.

1987 Construction begins on the Group’s first production site,...

Dong Hing (literally “Eastern Prosperity”), incorporating state of the art machinery to become the best label manufacturing site in all of China. Until this day, “Dong Hing” is still synonymous with innovation and quality in China.

1985 Beginnings in Southern China...

Mr. Simon Suen founds Dong Ying Computer Label Development Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong. "Dong Ying" (literally “Hero of the East”) was the original name of the company from which SML was born, symbolizing both our proud heritage and our aspirations to revolutionize the labeling industry.

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